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If you would like to help us to build a better Southwark, in which our unique heritage is preserved to encourage future prosperity, by attracting both visitors and businesses, then why not become a member?

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About Us

Southwark Heritage Association was formed in 1986 to promote Southwark's Heritage, which notion was pursued under the slogan, 'Historic Southwark Alive Today'. The Chamber of Commerce had commissioned a report that forecast the developing significance of travel to the social and commercial economy of the borough. The Council showed little interest in the report so SHA was formed to explore its implications. We defined heritage as 'that which we inherit from the past, use and develop in the present and leave, enhanced, for our children's future.' We wanted to consider business, domestic; education and tourist travel and its effect on our lives.

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Southwark Blue Plaques

Do you know of a person, place or event that should be marked by a Blue Plaque in the London Borough of Southwark?

If you do, please complete the section below to add a nomination. For more details on Blue Plaques, how to register, vote and previous winners please see our Blue Plaque Page.


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